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We are experienced team of developers with 5+ years of experience in full stack development, IOT Devices, VAPT and securty testing, etc. Equiped with strong technology stacks and framworks such as MERN, MEAN, Laravel, React Native, Flutter, and many more.

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IOT's & Automation

From home to industry , our team is capable of implementing complete automation solutions and IoT .We have working experience with ESP, Wroom, Atmega , Coral AI, Raspberry Pi, and other industrial boards.


Looking for something beyond this virtual world? You got us right here, Our R&D team is right here, with dedicated,highly capable individuals we get your all extraordinary requests in AI/ML along with R&D domains covered.

Cloud and DevOps

We have been working on AWS, GCP, Azure and other cloud services for our clients and our own products along with VCS, Jenkins, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Automated Pipelines. Our team can take over A2Z i.e all cloud/devops related services needed for your product or project.

Mobile App Development

From Native to Hybrid : Kotlin or Java for Android, Swift for Ios, Flutter, React-Native (Both CLI and Expo) our team has experience with various industrial projects. We ensure you both design and performance compatibilities when you choose us.

Software,Web & API Development

Looking for a custom tool or web application, API development or integration, We are the right team you were looking for. having 5+ years of experience in development using technologies such as nodejs, react, java, spring boot, laravel, python, django and many more.

Technical Support

Looking for on Demand technical training sessions? We provide customized training solutions for industry experts, researchers and our youth. We can also provide support, maintenance for your existing tech solutions.

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Technologies We Use

  • Flutter
  •   AWS
  • Google CLoud
  • Digital Ocean
  •  Azure
  •   ReactJs
  • Angular
  •  VueJS
  •   NodeJS
  •  Laravel
  •   Python
  •   React Native

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: +91 888 104 8884
: +91 888 112 2337
: info[at]cybertrons[dot]in

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